Are You Ashamed Of Your Smelly Car ?
Want To Enjoy Clean & Fresh Interior Like a Brand New Car?
Dear Friend;
I can hardly believe it myself, but it's true...
Many people all over Malaysia are enjoying clean, fresh air in their cars now, and it's all thanks to the revolutionary new car ionizer, "Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer". I'll explain how it works in a minute, but picture this: You can have clean, unpolluted, smoke-free air as soon as you start your car - maintenance free!
Do you have the exact same problems like me?
1.    My car stinks! I become the laughing-stock of friends and colleagues whenever I drive them out for lunch.
2.    I’m suffering from allergic rhinitis or sinus and have a sensitive nose. Everytime I get in the car, I will start sneezing non-stop and uncontrollably, mucus keeps running out of my nose and my eyes become watery.
3.    I’m a durian-lover, whenever it is durian season my wife and family will refuse to enter my car and we end up dining at home.
4.    I’m a smoker, although I don’t smoke in front of my family, but the smell of smoke keeps lingering in my car so it is very unpleasant for them.
If you say YES to any of these, then you are not alone. Many people are also facing the same problems day in-day out. However they have found the solution, have you…?
The Magic Is In The J0-626 Nature Fine Car Ionizer
I know what you're thinking: "Car Ionizers are only for high-income people with high-end cars, they're not for regular people with regular cars like me!" but you couldn't be more wrong... In fact, your neighbour's 20-year old Proton Saga could even have one plugged in right now and you'd never know.
Don't get jealous - Get Even! And it doesn't get any easier, just plug-in the Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer - ONE TIME - And the forget about it...The Car Ionizer does the work and you'll enjoy clean fresh air.
Just Imagine Being Able To:
  • Finally breath-in Clean, Fresh, Unpolluted and Smoke-Free Air!
  • Stop worrying about your Smelly Car and Volunteer to drive your friends and colleagues for lunch
  • Stay-free from Sinus and Allergic Rhinitis reactions!
  • Give your family a Lovely, Healthy and Comfortable Ride
  • Reach your destination safely as you can focus better and no longer feel sleepy during your balik kampung trip
...And that's just for starters!

Here Are What Some Lucky People Got To Say!

Hi, nice seller he is. My ionizer had problem for the very first time within 2 weeks I bought from him. Then I posted back and he just send me another one which is good and work well until now (more than 3 months).
I tried once, I bought and take away laksa and this made my car filled with laksa smell.. But the smell actually last for less than 1 day where I traveling a lot hence the ionizer is working while I drive. Although I have a pack of bamboo charcoal under my seat, but I did feel that this ionizer improved the speed.

Anyway, he is a recommended good seller. Good product tough.

Wong Kok Full (Lowyat)

Bought the J0-626 Car Ionizer recently and my sister commented a fresh and energetic feelingonce boarded the car.
Steven Hoon (Facebook Fan Page)

received it today!,, now my wife not complaint any cigar smell hehe, nice seller, free bump for you..
Mohd Ikhwan Bin Maghribi (Lowyat)

It Might Sound Crazy - But I'll PROVE To You It Works
Look, I know you've seen a lot of "Car Ionizers" in the market, but this is real...Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer works. At only 33 grams and 95mm in length, J0-626 is the most compact and powerful car oxygen bar in the market. With an emission rate of 3,000,000 ions/cm3, J0-626 is able to dispel smoke within 10 seconds. Watch for yourself as the smoke dispel experiment shows J0-626 in action! In fact, the concentration of negative ions is 20x the effective element in ionization. Many users of J0-626 including myself had witnessed the effectiveness and reap the benefits of J0-626 car ionizer. Watch the video now by clicking on this link!!!
And Not Only That, But:
  • It's maintenance-free, NO buttons or switches to confuse you, NO fuss and messing around
  • It's easy to use and operate. NO boring long manuals to read. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket and that's it!
  • It's chemical-free, pollution-free and environmentally-friendly
  • We guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with the results and rest-assured it comes with a 1-Year Warranty

This is Incredible! How does it work actually?
Ionizers, are built around a negative ion generator. This generator continually sends out a stream of negative ions, which are atoms or molecules that have lost an electron. These negative ions are attracted to the positive airborne dust and allergen particles in the air. As a result, the negative ions join with the positive ions, which cause the particles in the ionic air to become heavy. Eventually, they fall to the floor because of their own weight, which in turn removes all sorts of particles from the air.

The Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer is using a new breakthrough technology originating from US and has already been patented (Patent No: ZL200720048372.7/ZL200930089860.7). It has also received the ROHS and CE certification awards.

Why Choose Us When They Are Plenty of Car Ionizers Out There In The Market?

Car Ionizers are a BEST SELLER and had been selling thousands of units in eBaY US. If you don't believe me, just type "car ionizer" in the search box of the famous eBaY portal. You will see hundreds of postings for car ionizers with various colors, forms and manufacturers. You could do the same in the Lelong portal and be amazed by the number of posting it will get. So what is so special about our product compared to others?
  • We are the only company with the sole right to sell and distribute this car ionizer range in Malaysia. You may have noticed in the photos that our "Nature Fine" logo is printed onto each and every unit of the product
  • We provide you with 24/7 customer support service and we are always ready to answer your calls and reply your questions
  • We performed reliability checks and 100% tested all products to ensure that products shipped are of HIGHEST QUALITY
  • We offer 1 Year Warranty and provide you with new replacements with NO QUESTIONS ASKED
  • We provide SAME day shipment to ensure your ionizer will arrive to you the NEXT day

OK I’m Convinced, Are There Anything Else I Should Know…
Yes…Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer is:
·         The Most Powerful Car Ionizer in the market (>3,000,000ions/cm3)

·         Extremely light-weight at a nett weight of 33grams only

·         Very low power consumption at <0.8W

·         Built-in with Ozonizer (Emission within FDA and OSHA standards of <0.05ppm)

·         Available in 4 striking colors: Blue, Black, Red and Silver

Thousands of people just like you ALREADY own a Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer - What are you waiting for??

For a Limited Time Only, Nature Fine J0-626 Car Ionizer is Selling At An Introductory Price of RM65. So You Must Respond Now To Avoid Losing Out